Mighty Raju - Aamna Saamna

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Mighty Raju is now internationally known and among the many followers of his webpage is Gujan, a theme park owner. However, Gujan's theme parks are not doing well and he decides to build a completely new jungle theme park. Meanwhile, Karaati is being chased down by some military super jets when a blue jets appears and takes him away.

Instead of being rescued, he is dumped unceremoniously into a prison cell by Gujan. After some mishaps, Gujan manages to capture Mighty Raju as well. Gujan presents himself on a tele-communicator and announces that Mighty Raju and Karaati are the starts attractions of the park. Mighty prepares to outwit Gujan expecting Karaati's support; but Karaati, ever the two-timer has other plans at the last minute. Will Mighty Raju prevail against Karaati's wickedness and Gujan's security or be reduced to a park attraction?